Are you a 'Serial Trier'?

If you want to get healthy then you need to change your behaviour – FACT.  But changing your behaviour is not easy. And simply trying doesn't work either. Maybe you go through phases of trying to eat better, or trying to exercise but actually very little is happening other than 'trying' which makes you feel a bit better about yourself. 

More often than not, when we feel unhealthy it's because we have invested some degree of time and money making ourselves unhealthy.  If you think about it, the effort may have been tremendous. Time wise we have probably spent hours, days, weeks and months sitting at a desk, table or tv. And we carefully invest our money in clothes, cars, technology, holidays, hobbies and food that give us instant gratification and pleasure BUT with little thought for how these things might be affecting our health. Mostly because the impact isn't instantaneous. It can take a while for us to feel 'off'. And when we start to feel off, then more often than not, we self-medicate this 'feeling' with more of the stuff that made us feel that way in the first place. We comfort eat, treat ourselves, binge watch a box set, have a night out with friends or a take away because 'we deserve it' or we're too tired to think!  

So our money and time carefully reinvested on things that make is feel momentarily 'better' and the cycle continues. So much of what we have done over time has gotten us to where we are. Therefore, changing and trying to get back to some degree of health will take time too. 

If you want to feel better and you want to change your habits but find it hard, my guess is that you're not starting with the right change. The RIGHT CHANGE will give you instant improvement in how you feel increase your motivation and springboard you into more action. My guess/experience tells me that if you're a serial 'trier' (someone always trying you get healthy or lose weight) then you're probably throwing the kitchen sink at it. You diet, exercise, get a gym membership, cut this out, add this in, turn down this, politely refuse that. And all the while it just makes you stop living and restrict yourself so much that it makes you want to give up. It's just so hard.  So can change be easier?

YES definitely! Here's what I recommend. 

Firstly, pay attention to how you currently feel. Your body is telling you what you need.  

For example, if you're tired, this is what you need to work on. Simply going to sleep isn't always the as easy as it sounds, but developing a better routine before bed might be, as would drinking more water and avoiding technology or screens just before bed. Simple changes that will help you fall asleep better and more deeply.  

So, don't do everything at once only to end up doing nothing, and burying your head in the sand in the hope you just might be healthy and everything will just work out.  

Choose the one thing that will give you the biggest payoff. Before you know it, you'll realise how small investments add up. Just as putting money in the bank does. If you had to save a lump sum for a mortgage or holiday, you wouldn't put 100% of your monthly salary into the bank each month. The sacrifice and trade off would be overwhelming. You'd save little by little and maybe in a year without great effort you'd have enough money – AND whilst saving you'd still have money to do the other fun things in life.  

Your health's the same. Little by little. Give it time and it will all add up.