Time waits for no man...

So it’s 2018, which is a bit of a milestone for me as it means that this year I have lived in the UK for 20 years, moving over from Dublin in 1998 to do my degree! I don’t know where those 20 years have gone. Realising this has made me more aware than ever that I am not getting any younger and that 40 is only a couple of years away!  Which whilst this in itself isn’t that much of a worry for me (I feel healthier now than when I was 18) the idea of turning 40 is most definitely a milestone which is looming and reminding me stay healthy. To do this I have personal project called ‘Fit for 40’ whereby I want to be fitter and healthier than I have ever been when I turn 40. Why not?! (I’ll keep you posted about this as time ticks on). So yes, I have a plan. But don’t get me wrong. I am by no means perfect. I simply haven’t got time to implement a perfect training regime. In fact, the older I get, the further it is from perfection that I strive. Ok, it still creeps in with thoughts like I SHOULD go for a run, or eat an avocado, or post a picture of a perfectly balanced nutritious meal on Instagram because I SHOULD be portraying the perfectly healthy life of a health coach. BUT that would be a lie. I don’t have a perfectly healthy life – who does?! What I do have is a balanced life that helps me be the best version of me. I know what my body needs, which isn’t always what is depicted by the front cover of a health magazine.

What does this consist of? 

This month it has looked like going for runs with my sons, not because I want them to run but because they have been asking to run with me. This is a pleasure. Kids run in the moment. Flat out and full of inquisitiveness then stop for a rest before bombing off again. So we stop a lot and have fun. They’ve also tried Parkrun junior for the first time. What a fantastic event that is!  Kids experiencing an organised event that celebrates the run and not a medal or time or position. Just the run. This something I have been doing more of myself. A couple of weeks ago I ran a trail run in the Surrey Hills with a good friend which was organised by Tri-Adventure who are a fantastic set up. You get a map with some checkpoints marked out on it and 2 hours to find as many as you can. It’s a really lovely way to move, be in nature and use your mind to navigate.

January has also been a busy working month where I joined forces with some amazing women. 

A couple of weekends ago top Running Coach Karen Weir, and Yoga teacher extroadinaire Emma Heald and I delivered our first (of hopefully many) workshops called ‘Are you RUNNING your health into the ground?’ to women who are recreational runners, mothers, wives, sisters, business women, teachers, skilled practitioners. Women who may be running a lot, but perhaps don’t feel ‘healthy’ despite all their efforts. It was a great weekend filled with the attendees taking part in running training sessions, restorative yoga and activities reflecting on their health. Together we all acknowledged that there is more to managing our health than pounding the streets mindlessly. So watch this space, as we will be doing more of these in 2018.

Last week I delivered a talk to a group/meet up called WomenInTech at Haymarket Publishing house, the theme being how to be healthy and strong in the workplace, and perform at our optimal without burning ourselves out. I felt honoured to stand in front of a group of such women, telling them about my approach to health and how whilst stress might not manifest itself emotionally, it will still impact our physiology meaning it can accumulate without us realising it and make us ill, tired, unwell before we know it. I look forward to working with WomenInTech more in the future.

January also brought to a close three months of coaching with my first one to one clients. Working with them and watching their progress has been a great pleasure. In three months they have made some really significant changes and reaping the rewards to their health and that of their families in some cases. If you’re wondering what it is exactly that I do, and how I might be able to help, you can check out their testimonials here. As we progress into February I will have 2 client spots available so if you want to start your journey to health then get in touch. I work with a very small group of clients at one time, so please do get in touch sooner rather than later to secure your place. 

From now on, I’ll be writing blogs monthly basis, covering health related topics as they arise with my clients or in the media. My next post is called “it’s all about the during NOT the before or after!” where I might get a bit ranty about before and after photos! So look out for that, or sign up to receive these in your inbox, by going to my website and registering at the bottom of my homepage  If you have a topic you’d like to know more about or get some clarity on, let me know and I will write a blog on it. For now, keep chipping away!