Just do it - UNMOTIVATED

It can be sooo frustrating when you WANT to get fit...but you just can’t do it. You start thinking you're lazy, or there's something wrong with you. But it's important to know that you are not the only one. I have those days too. So do some of my friends who are athletes or personal trainers.

Maybe you sit day after day wanting to do it but you just can’t get off the sofa, or out to the park, or changed into your running kit (even though you are sitting in the changing room at the gym). It is so frustrating! It feels like your body has a mind of its own and is point blank refusing to start whatever it is you KNOW is the thing that will get you fitter and also the thing you say you really want to do.

So whyyyyyyy don’t you “just do it” as Nike tells you?!

Well, what Nike omitted to tell you, is that for a significant proportion of time, you will not look forward to, or want to exercise. So stop beating yourself up about it. Why? There are possibly a million reasons why you don't look forward to it (at least you will definitely be able to find a million excuses). The truth is, despite REALLY wanting to exercise, there are simply far more enjoyable things that you’d rather be doing. You're bombarded by choice. You can choose to stare at your phone, sit on the sofa, go to the pub...or any number of other things that pull rank on exercise. You simply enjoy them more and so they’re more attractive to you. That doesn't suddenly change just because you want to exercise. 

The second reason why you don't just do it, is because you’re WAITING to feel motivated, inspired or whatever it is you need to feel that means you skip merrily out the door for your run or spin class or whatever. 

If you wait to feel motivated, you could be waiting a very long time.

If you want to exercise but can’t find the motivation...I recommend you do the following 2 things.

1. Do it unmotivated, moaning, grumbling bitching. You want to do it, so do it in SPITE of the fact that you don't FEEL motivated. 

  • turn off your brain - or at least, ignore the automatic thoughts that occur around the time that you come to exercise
  • take action without questioning why you’re doing it
  • move knowing it probably won’t feel comfortable BUT also knowing that it does get easier AND you will feel a real sense of achievement once you’re done.

2. If exercising IS that important to you and your mental and physical health as you think it is, then it needs to rank as being more important than all the other things that you find yourself doing. But that won't happen by itself. You need to do some work. You need to think and get really clear about WHY you do want to exercise? Is it so you can go up the stairs without getting breathless, is it so you can play with your kids/grandkids, is it so you can look good, is it so you can live longer, or is it because when you don't exercise you feel terrible?? Only you will know your reason.  

Whatever your reason is, once you highlight that to yourself, it will be enough to help motivation grow and help you maintain your exercise routine for the long term because it becomes more important than watching Gogglebox. 

But remember, until then, don't wait to feel motivated. Just do it...unmotivated.