Before DURING and after...

We all know the saying, “good things come to those who wait” right? Actually, I don’t totally agree with it, I think the saying should be “good things come to those who are willing to show up, be consistent in their efforts, AND wait for their rewards”!

If you want something meaningful or worthwhile, this really is what it takes. But no one wants to hear this. Unfortunately, we appear to be the generation with little patience or respect for any process that takes time. Which is bad enough on it’s own, but we are also a generation obsessed with transformations. It seems people are increasingly attracted to wanting everything that they see in an ‘after’ shot and not only that, BUT they want it in 30/60/90 days or whatever is on offer. Very few of us are willing to play the long game. Which means we are fighting the odds. For the majority of people, (who aren’t genetically predisposed to have a leaner boy composition) it takes quite a bit of time and investment for their physiology and body composition to change. FACT.

So transformation photos don’t tell the complete story. Why? Because most people wouldn’t sign up if they really knew what getting a body ‘like that’ entailed. Most people want to do the thing that ‘only takes…’ or ‘only needs….’ But guess what? There is no ‘only’, the reason the person in the photo achieved what they did, is because they did THE WORK. They allocated time, energy and sacrificed social events or things they would normally be doing, to ensure they followed the plan/programme. They toiled and sweated to achieve the body they wanted. And that, I believe, should be more transparently reported AND celebrated. There isn’t a plan or a programme on the planet, that can achieve change, without the hard work and efforts of the person in the promo photo. EVEN IF THAT WAS FOR ‘JUST’ 20 mins a few times a week as reported! Because do not be fooled, when you go from nothing, to exercising and eating healthy in a short space of time, even twenty minutes a day requires effort and commitment.

I know it sounds like I am doing my best to convince you not to attempt a healthier lifestyle or transformation of your own, but hear me out. Whilst, transformation photos are a great marketing tool or way for you to see the POTENTIAL they offer, they are not a guarantee that YOU (with YOUR genetics, hormones, income, job, commitments…) will achieve the same results. Before and after photos mainly do two things,

1.       They demonstrate the potential effectiveness of a protocol, programme or product

2.       They initiate extrinsic motivation to get you started, but aren’t often enough to keep you going

They won’t tell you much about what went on ‘DURING’ the programme, and if that’s right for you. 

BUT all is not lost. IF you do insist on using transformation photos to help you find a programme for you, there is a way to use them to your advantage and in a more sensible way that is less likely to damage your self-esteem or body confidence and increase your chances of success. 

So if you are looking to choose the right ‘programme/product’ for YOU, one that fits your lifestyle and time, and gives you the greatest chance of sustainable LONG TERM CHANGE, try the following.

Step 1: Find a transformation of someone who you can relate to. Someone who is the same age, gender, and sex. Maybe the same/similar occupation and family or relationship commitments. Basically, the more similar that someone is to you, the more likely it is that you will get the same/similar results using the programme they did, AS LONG AS you also are FULLY aware of the commitment ahead of you.

Step 2: Once you’ve found a match the next step is to reach out and ask them, what exactly did the process entail? What did they have to commit to? And, what were the most difficult and enjoyable parts of the process?

Step 3: After you have done your research get yourself ready to do some work. This doesn’t necessarily mean pain or deprivation by the way. It means commitment, consistency and habitual effort over time. Coaches and trainers can write the best programme in the world that will work for someone else, but if you don’t show up, you won’t see the results.

After all, it’s what you do between the ‘before and after photos’ that counts. It’s the ‘DURING’ that will give you the results you are pinning over. There are no short cuts, so find a trainer and/or coach that will be clear, open, and honest with you. Not only that, but one that will support you to achieve your health goals in your own time so that you can sustain them long after your trainer is gone.

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